Who Am I?

For over 20 years I have been working with Individuals, Couples, Children, Professional Athletes and Corporations. Through my work, I have discovered that it does not matter whether you want to run the 100m in under 9.5 seconds, score more goals, hit a hole in one, live happy, find a meaningful relationship, get a marriage back on track, manage an addiction, deliver a global multi-billion dollar Corporate Change programme or feel great about yourself every day……the ingredients are always the same and the perceived obstacles are always the same.  The common denominator is ALWAYS “the environment within which you create to be” – the physical, emotional and spiritual environments.

Having lost my father far too early to heart failure; my younger, recovering addict sister in a car accident; as well as a grandmother and a number of very close friends to cancer I have had to figure out how to deal with some of the most traumatic types of suffering.  I have had business go well and earn good money and I have had business fail and send me into hundreds of thousands of pounds of debt.  I have worked with some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet, and some of the poorest.  I have even worked with Royalty.

What all this has taught me is that the effect of life’s curve balls is determined by our own self.  How we react to things is often the deciding factor as to how much pain we feel and for how long.  Are we really connected to our own thoughts and emotions to truly understand how we feel.  Plus importantly, how we continually behave determines how we live in our present and for our future.

Before dying, my father was a counsellor and he worked with people dealing with redundancy and those trying to “reinvent” themselves to get ahead in their careers.  Some of the methods and practices he used have been woven into my “Philosophy to Life”.

Over the years of contemplating and reflecting how I have dealt with my own experiences, I have recognised that there are “3 Key Pillars” to Living Happy.  These pillars are “Love, Compassion and Honesty”.  No matter what I was doing, dealing with or where I was trying to get to, I kept coming back to these 3 Pillars.

Understanding “The Person” is key. A life long passion in people led me to blend Western theories like psychology and psychotherapy with Eastern practises such as Ayurveda and Buddhism to give me that understanding. Intricate knowledge of the human “self” enables me to understand the person I am working with and establish mechanisms and interventions to ensure maximum harmony.  Finally I have coupled this understanding with becoming an expert in body language, micro expressions and non-verbal communication.  Studying under the World’s leader in this field, Dr Paul Ekman, I am able to read the real feelings and emotions of people.  Often what a person says they are feeling, is not how they truly feel and it is through my expertise in reading emotions that I can establish rapport and decipher what a person is really saying, thinking or feeling.

Directly challenging or translating a person’s behaviour, I strip away often deep rooted perceptions, unveil hidden emotions and feelings, all leading to creating a deeper understanding of “the self”.   Then by embedding the 3 Pillars and allowing the Person to set themselves free of whatever compromises or perceptions they had created or accepted, they organically find themselves in an untethered present, with endless possibilities and fulfilment.


Holding a fully cleared Enhanced DBS I have the privilege of being able to work with children and making their lives, and the lives of their families better.  Children are our greatest asset and being allowed to be part of making them happier is humbling.
My work process is always “keep it simple”.  My aim is get my client to (re)connect with themselves so they know how they feel while they are feeling it and why.

To achieve this and then any desired sustained change we work through 3 questions

  1. who am I?
  2. where am I?
  3. what do I really want?

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My eyes are green and so is the main colour of this site.  In Chinese culture, the colour green is associated with health, prosperity and harmony.