Working Together

“Where other psychologists, psychiatrists & “experts” focus on symptoms or text books, I strip away “the crap”, use body language to deliver understanding and change resulting in unlocking the untethered potential of “living happy.”  – Craig Ing

Children are a contradiction.  Whilst being incredibly complex they are also incredibly straight forward.  Every child under the age of 12 tends to live in the present more than when we grow up through our teenage years and beyond.  The emotional, mental and physical responses to events are experienced immediately “in the moment” (compared to older humans who can delay those responses).

When a child has experienced trauma, or is dealing with a severe illness or a change of circumstance, they can become detached from life, their core relationships with family and friends and retreat within themselves.  When this happens, traditional mainstream therapies can either take a long time to deliver small changes, or not work at all.  Using our ability to read micro expressions to reveal real emotions, we can quickly establish rapport, get to the root cause and deliver significant and embedded positive change.  Often where previous therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists have failed.

If your child is exhibiting a significant and sustained change in behaviour, or has become introverted and detached from their usual routines or relationships it is likely they are attempting to cope with something they have experienced and will need help to establish understanding let alone mechanisms to carry on living.

We have specialist therapists who have passed a full background check and hold an ENHANCED DBS which we are happy to share on request.  If you would like support with your child, please get in touch.

Life is for living and my philosophy ensures that you will “live happy” each and every day. Do you feel like there is something holding you back? Something restricting you from feeling free? Do you feel like there is something nagging in the back of your mind that your life could be so much brighter? My straight forward, “3 pillar” philosophy will help you truly unlock your uncompromised future.

Our philosophy for life is practical as well as ideological. So if you are dealing with intense pressures or suffering like  addiction, bereavement, divorce, terminal illness, relationship fractures (including family breakdowns), redundancy or job loss, or any other life trauma then we can help you drive your way through it to start living happy once again.  If you have been in an abusive relationship or are abusing yourself then please get in touch as we have specialist therapists who can help you release yourself from the torment that you will be experiencing on a daily basis.

Even if you are not dealing with those extremes of suffering, by following our philosophy, teachings and guidance you will enhance your daily living to untethered heights. This has incredible benefits for you and those in your life.

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Our children are the most important asset we have on this planet and they are never more vulnerable in their early years than when they go to school.  The people they have grown up with, their parents or guardians, are not around and instead they are introduced to new friendship groups and “big people”, aka the teachers.  It is from this stage of their life, away from the home and the influence of the “safe” environment, that their learnings and associated behavioural patterns are formed and fixed in their core subconscious.

Sadly through the headlines in the media, we are seeing on a frighteningly frequent basis how our children are struggling with the pressures of school life because 10-19 year olds are the fastest demographic of suicide in the World (according to latest data from the World Health Organisation).  Many educational establishments have tried to create interventions to support their students and whilst this absolutely helps, some of them could do more.

At Dont Mind Group we are so passionate about supporting children, any educational establishment that works with under 18 year olds, can get our service FREE OF CHARGE.  For all others, which will mainly be universities and colleges, we work together with any existing interventions and compliment through our branded mobile application, the targeted content and most importantly the data and insights produced.  We are able to monitor, manage and even predict when a particular student needs additional support (the service is anonymous but through the app, we can target individuals by using a device identifier – this is optional to each and every customer).

Our assistance journey is so unique across the World because we are dedicated to supporting not making money.  It is through this passion and uniqueness we are changing the lives of our children!

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how our service could help the children at your establishment.

Corporate Compassion Programmes, or Employee Compassion programmes are becoming an important part of any businesses strategy to attract talent, nurture talent and reduce churn.  If an organisation can develop their employees, ensure they are working to the best of their ability and provide an environment within which they develop and prosper, they are less likely to leave.

In a recent report covering 2017 and using data from the Labour Force Survey (Office of National Statistics), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stated that :

  • A total of 595,000 employee cases of stress, depression or anxiety cases were recorded in 2014/15.
  • Over 9 million days of work are lost each year to stress related sickness, which equates to 25.4 days per case.
  • Stress and anxiety accounted for 57% of all work related sickness cases and 43% of all working days lost due to illness.
  • One of the factors cited by employees as causing work related stress was a lack of managerial support and role uncertainty (lack of clarity about job/uncertain what meant to do).

Our Employee Assistance Service, provides the regular, independent coaching and counselling services that an increasing number of employees need and benefit from.  Included in my programme is the bespoke, fully client-branded iOS and Android app.  This app delivers coaching and supporting content (text, audio and video) right into the hands of the employees of my clients.

Over the previous 20 years, our programme is proven to :

  • Increase Productivity by 12%
  • Reduce stress related absence within an organisation by 43%
  • Reduce the number of days lost for each remaining case by 23%
  • Increase the score of internal employee satisfaction by 3%

If you would like to know more, please contact us now.

An athlete requires the symbiosis of instinctive capability, physical form to support that capability and a clear, focused and resolute mental environment within which to perform.  If any of these three elements are not at their peak at the time the athlete competes then their overall performance will suffer.

Whilst we cannot provide expertise in the training and development of an athlete’s capability, or their physical form and fitness, we can create a mental environment that delivers peak performance, time after time.

After some less than adequate results, such is the competitive nature of most elite athletes, those poor results can quickly become blockers to future performance.  Most athletes are driven by winning and success as well as attaining their own definition of perfection in their given genre of sport.  If the results are poor, or that perfection is not attained, the athlete actually creates more mental blockers to overcome.  They are now competing against themselves.

On top of those self-created blockers, any external stressor can also create a deterioration in performance.  Whether it is as straight forward and transient as an argument with a friend, relative or partner or more complex and permanent like the death of a loved one, an athlete will be inhibited by it.  Our job is to remove the detrimental impact of these stressors.  Whilst in a perfect world, it would be nice to remove them completely, life is simply not like that.  Instead, it is possible to redefine them and how our brains deal with them, hold them in our conscious mind and therefore allow them to creep in during times of required peak performance.

Each athlete is very unique and so is the application of our unique CreateNow programme for that athlete. Helping them deliver high performance, removing any and all blockers to that high performance and enabling “push-button delivery”.

We provide the tools that allows athletes to mentally remove any blockers from performances of the past, the perceived pressure of things that have not happened in the future, whilst being able to focus on being mentally free in the present.

There are some professions, paid or voluntary, that require individuals to be deemed “fit for purpose”.  Many are in the more obvious security and intelligence services, for example Police.  But sometimes it can also include the most unlikely of jobs.  Whilst working for a business, you may be part of a team that is working with a client who requires individuals to be “psychologically assessed” and found to be “fit for purpose”.

We offer Psychological Assessments that are bespoke to the application required.  For example, we provide a different process for someone performing forensic testing on human and/or animal remains compared to those working on child abduction cases.

As part of the service, we provide the most appropriately experienced psychiatrists to oversee the entire process, which includes a pre-test discussion, a computer-based test, a verbal assessment with a therapist/psychiatrist and then the detailed result.  It is suggested that, depending on how long the person’s role will last, this testing re-occurs on a periodic basis, eg, annually.

IMPORTANT : Even if a person is deemed “fit for purpose” and shows no signs of possible triggers, the assessment is a PRE-ASSESSMENT.  It is often more important to provide support after the job has started as even the most appropriate individuals can be traumatised.  Dont Mind Group also provides the after-care support.