Working Together – CHILDREN

Children are a contradiction.  Whilst being incredibly complex they are also incredibly straight forward.  Every child under the age of 12 tends to live in the present more than when we grow up through our teenage years and beyond.  The emotional, mental and physical responses to events are experienced immediately “in the moment” (compared to older humans who can delay those responses).

When a child has experienced trauma, or is dealing with a severe illness or a change of circumstance, they can become detached from life, their core relationships with family and friends and retreat within themselves.  When this happens, traditional mainstream therapies can either take a long time to deliver small changes, or not work at all.  Using our ability to read micro expressions to reveal real emotions, we can quickly establish rapport, get to the root cause and deliver significant and embedded positive change.  Often where previous therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists have failed.

If your child is exhibiting a significant and sustained change in behaviour, or has become introverted and detached from their usual routines or relationships it is likely they are attempting to cope with something they have experienced and will need help to establish understanding let alone mechanisms to carry on living.

We have specialist therapists who have passed a full background check and hold an ENHANCED DBS which we are happy to share on request.  If you would like support with your child, please get in touch.