Our children are the most important asset we have on this planet and they are never more vulnerable in their early years than when they go to school.  The people they have grown up with, their parents or guardians, are not around and instead they are introduced to new friendship groups and “big people”, aka the teachers.  It is from this stage of their life, away from the home and the influence of the “safe” environment, that their learnings and associated behavioural patterns are formed and fixed in their core subconscious.

Sadly through the headlines in the media, we are seeing on a frighteningly frequent basis how our children are struggling with the pressures of school life because 10-19 year olds are the fastest demographic of suicide in the World (according to latest data from the World Health Organisation).  Many educational establishments have tried to create interventions to support their students and whilst this absolutely helps, some of them could do more.

At Dont Mind Group we are so passionate about supporting children, any educational establishment that works with under 18 year olds, can get our service FREE OF CHARGE.  For all others, which will mainly be universities and colleges, we work together with any existing interventions and compliment through our branded mobile application, the targeted content and most importantly the data and insights produced.  We are able to monitor, manage and even predict when a particular student needs additional support (the service is anonymous but through the app, we can target individuals by using a device identifier – this is optional to each and every customer).

Our assistance journey is so unique across the World because we are dedicated to supporting not making money.  It is through this passion and uniqueness we are changing the lives of our children!

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how our service could help the children at your establishment.