“6 months ago I didnt think we would be together in December.  We just had the BEST Christmas we have ever had and that is THANKS to YOU”

Paul, UK

“You have such a unique way of looking at the World that problems just dissolve.”

S, Singer and TV Personality

“You got straight to the emotion that was holding me back – wow, life looks so good now.”

D, Sportsman and TV Personality

“No-one has ever recognised my limiting behaviours like you did and in only a few hours together.  Certainly no-one has ever talked to me in a way that I understand and then allows me to positively change.  Life Changing.”

L, Racing Driver

“No-one could provide the understanding and insight into my situation other than you.  I tried others and they failed.  Thank you for saving me.”

Mark, Actor

“Your level of compassion knows no bounds.  I feel significant peace and calm from just being in your company.”

Kevin, LA