Mental Health Experts

It is no secret that Mental Health is a killer.  Globally there are almost 800,000 suicides every year at a rate of 1 every 40 seconds.  At Dont Mind Group we are passionate about suicide prevention and our aim is to reduce and eventually remove this final step for far too many individuals.  We work towards this by focusing on relieving and removing mental health issues through a number of interventions :

  • Privately with individuals of all ages (including children under 9 years old) and backgrounds and families

  • With Corporates and the Business world implementing our Sentient Life Employee Assistance Service

  • Through on-line webinars, podcasts and information-sharing sessions

Dont Mind Group Values

To relieve and remove mental health issues for people around the World, no matter of their age, background, financial standing or history.  To continue to work tirelessly combining Eastern and Western beliefs and medicines, experts in this field and technology.  All to achieve our goal.

Short term – create a reducing rate of suicide across the World

Long term – remove suicide as a cause of death

By selling our Sentient Life Assistance Service to Corporates and Businesses, we will give it away for free to those individuals who cannot afford it and otherwise would not have access to such support.  Additionally, we actively target children up to the age of 18 to give it away for free to.

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