An athlete requires the symbiosis of instinctive capability, physical form to support that capability and a clear, focused and resolute mental environment within which to perform.  If any of these three elements are not at their peak at the time the athlete competes then their overall performance will suffer.

Whilst we cannot provide expertise in the training and development of an athlete’s capability, or their physical form and fitness, we can create a mental environment that delivers peak performance, time after time.

After some less than adequate results, such is the competitive nature of most elite athletes, those poor results can quickly become blockers to future performance.  Most athletes are driven by winning and success as well as attaining their own definition of perfection in their given genre of sport.  If the results are poor, or that perfection is not attained, the athlete actually creates more mental blockers to overcome.  They are now competing against themselves.

On top of those self-created blockers, any external stressor can also create a deterioration in performance.  Whether it is as straight forward and transient as an argument with a friend, relative or partner or more complex and permanent like the death of a loved one, an athlete will be inhibited by it.  Our job is to remove the detrimental impact of these stressors.  Whilst in a perfect world, it would be nice to remove them completely, life is simply not like that.  Instead, it is possible to redefine them and how our brains deal with them, hold them in our conscious mind and therefore allow them to creep in during times of required peak performance.

Each athlete is very unique and so is the application of our unique CreateNow programme for that athlete. Helping them deliver high performance, removing any and all blockers to that high performance and enabling “push-button delivery”.

We provide the tools that allows athletes to mentally remove any blockers from performances of the past, the perceived pressure of things that have not happened in the future, whilst being able to focus on being mentally free in the present.