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Cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20
All Working Days lost due to stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20
Annual Cost per employee whose mental health needs are unsupported
Number of days lost to stress, depression or anxiety every year

Employee Assistance Programmes, Corporate Compassion Programmes, or Employee Compassion programmes are becoming an important part of any businesses strategy to attract talent, nurture talent and reduce churn.  If an organisation can develop their employees, ensure they are working to the best of their ability and provide an environment within which they develop and prosper, they are less likely to leave.

In a recent report covering 2019/20 and using data from the Labour Force Survey (Office of National Statistics), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stated that :

  • A total of 828,000 employee cases of stress, depression or anxiety cases were recorded in 2019/20.
  • Over 17.9 million days of work are lost each year to stress related sickness, which equates to 21.6 days lost per case.
  • Stress and anxiety accounted for 55% of all work related sickness cases and 43% of all working days lost due to illness.
  • One of the factors cited by employees as causing work related stress was a lack of managerial support and role uncertainty (lack of clarity about job/uncertain what meant to do).

Our Employee Assistance Service, provides the regular, independent coaching and counselling/therapy services that an increasing number of employees need and benefit from.  Included in my programme is the bespoke, fully client-branded iOS and Android app.  This app delivers coaching and supporting content (text, audio and video) right into the hands of the employees.

Over the previous 20 years, our programme is proven to :

  • Increase Productivity by 12%
  • Reduce stress related absence within an organisation by 46%
  • Reduce the number of days lost for each remaining case by 23%
  • Increase the Net Promoter Score for the employer by +2 points

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Employees are individuals and so should the support be that they have access to.  An organisation that only provides one type of support will only make the smallest of differences.  An engaged and supported workforce can be productive in any circumstance.

At Dont Mind Group, our programme delivers all support journeys :

  1. Self-education : using the content in the mobile app, employees can gain important knowledge on how to manage and increase their overall wellbeing.
  2. Text-based conversations : for some people talking face to face is daunting and becomes a blocker to getting help.  Our “conversations” module allows for employees to ask questions of their peers and therapists, but also engage in private 1-2-1 chats with therapists too.
  3. Video sessions with therapists : through the app, an employee can arrange to have a private 1-2-1 video session with a therapist
  4. In person therapy : as part of the service there is an on site therapist provided that the employees can book sessions with

The “Sentient Score” provides an indicator to each and every user.  The score is derived from a particular algorithm that blends Western indicators alongside Eastern philosophies.  The result is a “whole of soul” determination of how the user is feeling at any given time.

CLINICAL MODULE IN DEVELOPMENT : The Sentient Score is being expanded and will provide a clinical module that will offer the user an approved patient pathway for some key areas, eg, anxiety or stress.  These will be the very same pathways their doctor would follow in the event they present certain symptoms during a doctor’s appointment.

As an employer prioritising and investing in employee wellbeing, it is important to understand if that investment is creating a tangible, measurable benefit.  Our Employee Assistance programme was designed with this functionality as a priority.

The platform is completely anonymous so no-one within the organisation will know who each user is.  However, the usage metrics are aggregated for the leaders of the organisation to make operational and strategic decisions as well as understand the wellbeing within the workforce.

A branded dashboard is provided and is updated on a monthly basis.  As example of which can be seen below :

The heart of the service is a fully branded mobile app.  This allows the organisation to launch Ian internal tool that will distribute wellbeing specific content.  The Content Management System even allows for certain employees to contribute their own content.

All data is fully anonymised and completely GDPR compliant.