There are some professions, paid or voluntary, that require individuals to be deemed “fit for purpose”.  Many are in the more obvious security and intelligence services, for example Police.  But sometimes it can also include the most unlikely of jobs.  Whilst working for a business, you may be part of a team that is working with a client who requires individuals to be “psychologically assessed” and found to be “fit for purpose”.

We offer Psychological Assessments that are bespoke to the application required.  For example, we provide a different process for someone performing forensic testing on human and/or animal remains compared to those working on child abduction cases.

As part of the service, we provide the most appropriately experienced psychiatrists to oversee the entire process, which includes a pre-test discussion, a computer-based test, a verbal assessment with a therapist/psychiatrist and then the detailed result.  It is suggested that, depending on how long the person’s role will last, this testing re-occurs on a periodic basis, eg, annually.

IMPORTANT : Even if a person is deemed “fit for purpose” and shows no signs of possible triggers, the assessment is a PRE-ASSESSMENT.  It is often more important to provide support after the job has started as even the most appropriate individuals can be traumatised.  Dont Mind Group also provides the after-care support.