Welcome to the Support Page for the Sentient Life Mobile Application

New Users

Please click the “New user/register” link at the bottom of the login screen when the app first opens.  Please complete all the fields in the New User Registration form and click continue.  The system will send you an email to confirm your email address which will contain a code.  You need to enter this code into the final screen.  After this step, your account will be confirmed.

Existing Users

Once you have entered your username and password correctly, the application will remember who you are until you select “logout” link in the profile screen.

Home Screen

From the Home Screen you can gain access to all the content as well as enter a Sentient Score and arrange a video session with a therapist/coach.

Articles and News

To read an article, click on the top “Articles and News” picture to display the list of all articles.  By clicking on the one you wish to read, it will open it full screen.  From here you can leave a comment or mark an article as “Liked”.

Time Out

The time out section contains 3 distinct types of content each designed and curated to achieve different outcomes.

Escape – this section provides mental mindfulness escapes.  Mindfulness is more about a change of state than anything else.  By selecting one of the many items you will be visually taken to a completely place, be it watching the rain fall, or listening the waves roll onto a beach.  Mindfulness is fantastic at providing a few minutes of calming distraction to help reset the mind and often, reducing stress and anxiety.

Nurture – this section provides meditations, both guided and non-guided.  It also provides medically proven binaural beats which will calm your mind and instantly reduce your levels of “noise” in your mind.  These items range from a few minutes in duration to over 30 minutes for when you have the time to indulge in yourself.

Enhance – this section will push you to develop the physical, mental and spiritual.  This is achieved through instructional videos providing insights into different philosophies and strategies to deal with a variety of life-based situations and circumstances.  It is also in enhance that you will find some carefully selected yoga flows and some longer routines.



This is where you can engage in text based/chat style conversations on any topic you like.  Within here you can ask different questions to other users and hopefully enrich yourself with the meaningful and supportive nature of this dedicated community.  Our fully accredited therapists also participate in the discussions and they can be identified by “(therapist)” appearing after their name.  This way you know you are dealing with a professional.

Sentient Score

Within here you are able to answer our scientifically selected questions to provide an indication to your overall level of wellbeing at that current time.  Try and answer the questions based on your feelings rather than thoughts.  We have removed any number scale on purpose to allow you focus on feelings.  Your final score will be provided once all questions are answered.  For your information, the average score for our general population is between 40 and 50.


This section is where you can find a historical record of your Sentient Scores plus also an activity record of the usage of the different areas within the app.  It is useful to look back and see how your score has changed over time.