Our Journey

Before embedding the 3 Pillars – Love, Compassion and Honesty, we work through 3 questions :

Who are you? Do you have any idea what makes you tick? Do you really know what you like? Unfortunately, a product of the “rat race” we live in is that we lose sight of who we really are and we find we are portraying a person we believe others want us to be. Believe me? Have you ever gone into a store and bought something because of the label or brand? This is part of social conditioning and we are being subjected to it all the time. Through editorials we read, television we watch, conversations in the home or at work. They all have an effect of conditioning us. Because of this, we naturally lose sight of the real us; who we really are.

Where are you? This is not necessarily in the physical, geographical sense as this is often addressed with the third question. Where are you tries to get you to find where you are today – mentally and emotionally. What are you doing versus what you think you should be doing and does it really matter?

What do you really want? This is often the most enlightening question and it is something I actually get you to ask yourself a number of times during our sessions together. You will be amazed how these things change as we go on the journey. Things you thought were important are simply not any longer. At the end of the sessions, you will know what you want and how this differs to what you really need.

After this amazing awakening, we start to embed the 3 Pillars.