Sentient Life Wellbeing Assistance Service

After years in development, the Sentient Life Mental Health service is now live. It is available in the iOS an Android App Stores. The service has been created to address mental health in Workplace and also Mental Health in Children. By providing a service to corporate clients in which they pay for a branded mobile application, on site therapists & coaches and forensic insights into the overall state of wellbeing in the workforce, Dont Mind Group provide the service to children FREE OF CHARGE. Initially targeting secondary schools and universities, our mission is to reduce and eventually remove suicide in this demographic. We will achieve this by helping address the worrying level of mental health issues in 10-19 year olds.

The service is centred around a proven algorithm to calculate the overall, “whole of soul” wellbeing of an individual. This algorithm has taken 2 years to create, test and finesse on sample groups. Once the score is known, the app then provides specifically curated and targeted content to increase the score over time.

It is an incredibly exciting time and we are now on our way to helping all those suffering today. Watch this space for more updates.

Please watch this video for more information.