Going Raw Vegan: The Search for Energy

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I’ve been going through a process of trying various techniques and practices to see if they make me feel more in control of my emotions and more balanced. I’ve tried mindfulness meditation, daily writing, even a silent meditation retreat. This week, I thought it was time to see what happens if I change my diet. [...]

How Animals Can Help Our Mental Wellbeing

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I’m a self-confessed crazy cat lady. My family have owned cats since I was born and I can’t imagine not having feline friends in my life. One of the hardest things I find about renting my own place is the absence of pets. (This results in regular visits back to the family home to get [...]

Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

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When I look back on my life and consider my achievements thus far, to some extent, I am who I am due to the people I’ve surrounded myself with. I am where I am in life thanks to a group of individuals who have shown positivity, enthusiasm and encouragement to me over the years. They [...]

The Novel Cure: How Reading Builds Empathy and Improves Wellbeing

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Reading is good for the soul. It helps you escape your own world, if only for a moment. It gives you empathy, it gives you an understanding of what it’s like to be someone else and go through experiences outside of your own. If we all read for pleasure, I believe we would have a [...]

Learning to Embrace Life’s Uncertainties

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Sometimes it's good to have a plan. Before going on holiday, leading up to a big event or a job interview - these are times when it's good to work through a checklist, making sure all bases are covered. But what about having a plan for life? Growing up, I've had quite a few friends [...]