Learning to Embrace Life’s Uncertainties

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Sometimes it's good to have a plan. Before going on holiday, leading up to a big event or a job interview - these are times when it's good to work through a checklist, making sure all bases are covered. But what about having a plan for life? Growing up, I've had quite a few friends [...]

The Importance of Patience

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In some respects, I have a great deal of patience; Lending an ear to a friend who is experiencing personal distress, slow-cooking a delicious homemade stew that takes over eight hours to cook and awaiting the changes of the seasons.  In other situations, however, my patience can be limited.  I often find myself sitting in [...]

A Look in the Mirror

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So Apple have just brought out a phone where you stare at the screen and it recognised your face and then opens up a world of everything. Social media, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat the list goes on, places where we don’t really know anyone and nobody knows us. It opens games, emails, business, spreadsheets, maps, holiday [...]