Living with a Mental Health Condition

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My brother has type 2 bipolar. It means that he gets rapid cycling mood changes and can go from feelings of manic to feelings of depression in as short a time as a week, month or even hour. Type 2 bipolar is generally not as extreme in mood changes as type 1 bipolar, in which [...]

How to Help Someone in a Mental Health Crisis

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How to Help Others Without Harming Yourself Those are the key words for me, to help others without harming yourself. I have, you could say, a complicated family, and have often found myself on the supporting end of a mental health crisis. The same goes for supporting friends. I like to think I’m a caring [...]

Time – Getting Away with Your Self!

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Mind the gap the sign said! Oops! One torn hamstring later and a sciatic nerve pounding I think I may read the sign next time! I’m sending this blog from an aeroplane high in the sky, rushing home to see my daughter who’s 15th birthday it is this day! 15! When did that happen? Last [...]

You are You and that is OK!

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So December has been and gone! When did that happen? I swear it’s still March! I know December was here because I’ve seen Christmas jumpers, trees all sparkly and  hosted a Christmas party and more importantly I can officially post I am watching “Love Actually" without having to keep a dark secret a secret! I [...]

Do this Every Day so that you can Manifest a Phenomenal 2018

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We each wake up every morning with exactly £86,400 in our energy bank account. Meaning we each have 86,400 seconds in our day and how we chose to spend that energy or time is totally up to us. Some people allow this energy just to flutter away each day and then wonder where time has [...]