Online Relationships: Who Can You Trust?

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As many of you, I grew up with an internet world in full bloom. The first ADSL lines replacing old and slower connections, computer screens and televisions getting sleeker and bigger by the day. Online communities also started changing in sizes and shapes and the first social media networks were born. It was the perfect [...]

How to Help Someone in a Mental Health Crisis

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How to Help Others Without Harming Yourself Those are the key words for me, to help others without harming yourself. I have, you could say, a complicated family, and have often found myself on the supporting end of a mental health crisis. The same goes for supporting friends. I like to think I’m a caring [...]

Passion: The Key to Personal Success

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What defines success? Is it defined by our net worth or by the number of followers we have on social media? Is it having a lavish car or living in an affluent area? Perhaps it’s defined by how well-educated we are or by how much knowledge we’ve accumulated in our lifetime. The Oxford Dictionary defines [...]

The Key to Creating Loving Relationships

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As one of the most complex emotions known to man, we are all familiar with love in one way or another. Shakespeare once said: 'Love comforteth like sunshine after rain’. John Lennon professed that ‘All you need is love’ and the Dalai Lama taught us that ‘Love is the absence of judgement’. Most people seek [...]

Music and the Soul, a Broken Dream?

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Music is a wonderful thing. It can lift your soul and comfort your spirit in the darkest hour. Many of us have a very intimate and deep relationship with music, it’s something we carry with us every day to work and when travelling. Our own personal life soundtrack. My father is a piano teacher at [...]