Going Raw Vegan: The Search for Energy

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I’ve been going through a process of trying various techniques and practices to see if they make me feel more in control of my emotions and more balanced. I’ve tried mindfulness meditation, daily writing, even a silent meditation retreat. This week, I thought it was time to see what happens if I change my diet. [...]

How Animals Can Help Our Mental Wellbeing

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I’m a self-confessed crazy cat lady. My family have owned cats since I was born and I can’t imagine not having feline friends in my life. One of the hardest things I find about renting my own place is the absence of pets. (This results in regular visits back to the family home to get [...]

Indian Adventures: The Art of Ayurveda

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I’m on a global search to unveil the world’s secrets to wellbeing. I want to find out how we can all live healthier, more connected lives. To start my search, I’ve come all the way to India. When arriving in India, it’s difficult to envisage how such a densely populated and heavily polluted country could [...]

The Novel Cure: How Reading Builds Empathy and Improves Wellbeing

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Reading is good for the soul. It helps you escape your own world, if only for a moment. It gives you empathy, it gives you an understanding of what it’s like to be someone else and go through experiences outside of your own. If we all read for pleasure, I believe we would have a [...]

Passion: The Key to Personal Success

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What defines success? Is it defined by our net worth or by the number of followers we have on social media? Is it having a lavish car or living in an affluent area? Perhaps it’s defined by how well-educated we are or by how much knowledge we’ve accumulated in our lifetime. The Oxford Dictionary defines [...]

Jealousy, How To Let It Go

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Italian culture can be a very jealous one. Especially for people from older generations, it can very well be perceived in a substantially different way than today. A way that sometimes goes beyond the chivalry it claims to aim at and more towards unbalanced and unhealthy relationships. The reasons behind this could be several, from cultural [...]