Living with a Mental Health Condition

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My brother has type 2 bipolar. It means that he gets rapid cycling mood changes and can go from feelings of manic to feelings of depression in as short a time as a week, month or even hour. Type 2 bipolar is generally not as extreme in mood changes as type 1 bipolar, in which [...]

The List

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Now spelt backwards is won! Not too obvious right? But so often we, and I included, miss the now and the won! I met a friend the other day and we talked so much about the memories, the laughs, experiences, the mad night’s out, the hangovers, the morning chats, the madness and calm, the parents, [...]

Why Depression was the Best Thing to Happen to Me – Part 2

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I was depressed, but I didn’t have depression. I had the symptoms of ‘depression’, though I didn’t see it as a disorder that I needed to put a label on, I saw it as an opportunity. In part 1 I shared with you how realising that depression does in a sense serve a purpose, this [...]

Why Depression was the Best Thing to Happen to Me – Part 1

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Depression is not merely ‘on the rise’ – it’s slowly but surely becoming an epidemic! Depression, which is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide, currently affects over 350 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and predicted by 2020 to become the second leading cause of disease worldwide. About [...]

Suppression, Regression, Depression

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Every single one of my private clients always starts off in our first few sessions saying that their life is a seemingly constant bombardment of pressure and stress, with no real purpose or direction. It would appear there has never been a more complex time where we find our lives so intertwined that it is [...]