A Mindful Approach to New Year Resolutions

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With Christmas done and dusted, it's time to turn our attention to the impending new year... and those dreaded resolutions! After the indulgence of the festive season, it's no surprise so many of us resolve to get fit and healthy in the new year. But if you find yourself struggling to keep your new year's [...]

Developing Mindful Training and Exercise

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I’ve always been in good health for as far as I can remember. I come from a very big family – we’re two brothers and three sisters – and from a very young age our father encouraged us to engage in sports, from football to running and ping pong to simply exercise at home with [...]

Go to the Gym? I’d Rather Take the Stairs…

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Without wishing to brag, I used to be rather fit (physically fit, not the other one). From my time at primary school all the way up to college, I kept myself fit simply by walking. I would walk to primary school, which was a good 10-15 minute trip, and even though I used to get [...]