Why You are Probably Breathing Incorrectly

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Life begins and ends with the breath, and every breath we take can have a positive or negative impact on our bodies depending on how it is performed. The average person breathes 25,900 times a day, which correlates to 12-16 breaths per minute. Though one of my teachers, Paul Chek, who is an internationally-renowned expert [...]

Developing Mindful Training and Exercise

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I’ve always been in good health for as far as I can remember. I come from a very big family – we’re two brothers and three sisters – and from a very young age our father encouraged us to engage in sports, from football to running and ping pong to simply exercise at home with [...]

Go to the Gym? I’d Rather Take the Stairs…

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Without wishing to brag, I used to be rather fit (physically fit, not the other one). From my time at primary school all the way up to college, I kept myself fit simply by walking. I would walk to primary school, which was a good 10-15 minute trip, and even though I used to get [...]