When Friendships Become Toxic

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'Relationships come and go but friends are forever' We grow up hearing sayings like the above. From childhood, it's always been important to have friends, best friends even. It's completely natural, after all humans are pack animals! We crave company. But is any company better than none at all? Friendships make our lives richer, but [...]

Jealousy, How To Let It Go

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Italian culture can be a very jealous one. Especially for people from older generations, it can very well be perceived in a substantially different way than today. A way that sometimes goes beyond the chivalry it claims to aim at and more towards unbalanced and unhealthy relationships. The reasons behind this could be several, from cultural [...]

New Years Resolutions That Are Actually Healthy

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It’s that time of year again when people make promises to themselves to drastically change something about their life. Mostly for the better, sometimes to the detriment of their health. We start thinking about how to keep our mental happiness topped-up. Crash diets, extreme exercise, unobtainable targets to develop a new hobby. The intentions of [...]